Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anti-war Mass Assembly. Trafalgar Square. 8th October 11

On Saturday I attended the Stop the War Coalition's Anti-war Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square and it was such an amazing experience to see people of all ages and races trying to become one voice. We are one and only with peaceful thoughts we can make this world a better place! Everyone talks about the crisis and about poverty, but in the meantime, the war machines keep on receiving funds. When it comes to war expenditures, how come we never say we are facing a financial crisis?
And PLEASE, since you're reading these lines and since you got here, think about this and also try to do whatever it takes to bring something good to people around you. There are simple steps everyone can take. That little girl you'll see in some photographs was brought by her grandfather and she wanted to stand alone, protesting against the war. Do not stay aside! Take action and stand up for what you believe in!
And what better way to close this post than with Kurt Cobain's "PEACE, LOVE, EMPATHY"?




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