Sunday, August 28, 2011

A guilty pleasure of mine.Nissi Bay

Growing up, I’ve always been fascinated by those white sand beaches in the calendars. I used to collect those pages and I secretly wished someday I will enjoy a day in the sun, nearby turquoise water and palm trees. Once you’re there, you have a strange feeling of being in the middle of a film set, where every little detail was inspired by your upcoming arrival. Leave all your worries behind and bring out the positive energy inside you!

"I brought you something close to me,
Left for something you see though your here.
You haunt my dreams
There's nothing to do but believe,
Just believe.
Just breathe.


       Another day, just believe,
      Another day, just breathe

 Lying in my bed,
Another day, staring at the ceiling."

 (Telepopmusik, Breathe)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shapes and Mediterranean solitude

     "If you close the door to your house
      Don't let anybody in
      It's a room that's full of nothing
      All that underneath your skin
      Face against the window
      You can't watch it fade to grey
      And you'll never catch the fickle wind
      If you choose to stay

But oh the road is long
The stones that you are walking on
Have gone

And the night that you got locked in
Was the time to decide
Stop chasing shadows

Just enjoy the ride."

(Morcheeba, Enjoy the ride)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Larnaca, Cyprus

     Looks like morning in your eyes,
     But the clock's held 9:15 for hours

    Couldn't tempt us if it tried
    Cuz the afternoon's already come and gone

                             Couldn't find it in your eyes
                             But I'm sure it's written all over my face

                              Never something I could hide
                              When I see we made it through another day


                             And now the night
                             Will throw its cover down, ooo, on me again
                             Ooh, and if I'm right
                             It's the only way to bring me back
                             To you..."

 ( Norah Jones, Sunrise)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Away from it all... Aya Napa, Cyprus

    Since I needed to get away from it all, I've experienced again the Mediterranean Sea. This time from Cyprus. 
    Ayia Napa is the first proof of this fabulous country's colours and spirit.